Founded in 2017 as a nonprofit organization. The Monterey Condors Club (hereinafter referred to as the “Condors”, “MCC”) aims to address the problem of childhood obesity and juvenile delinquency, utilizing our outdoor recreational activities to promote physical activity and healthy lifestyles.  In addition, the MCC is placing targeted emphasis on the underserved pockets of youth within our communities, kids that may be in more need of physical activity but may not be able to access certain programs because of price or lack of information. We want to support our youth in creating and achieving goals with kids, using sports as the vehicle, and promoting the importance of general education as it relates to academic eligibility. The MCC seeks to engage both boys and girls into a team environment, where the ideas of proper sportsmanship and strong work ethics are introduced and nurtured.  The value that MCC is bringing to the youth is like none other, gathering a large and diverse group of all kids, from different origins, ages, gender, and skill levels. 

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Our Community 

The majority of our members are Latino. We also have kids from various races, such as Blacks, Asians, Caucasians, and Middle Eastern. Around 18% of our members are female, with almost all of our girls playing in the competitive component of our club. A special emphasis is placed on attracting LGBTQIA youth, along with kids with disabilities and those from foster care.

Our Director of Coaching, Mark Cisneros, is a local English teacher, high school and college soccer head coach. As a result, he works closely with local police and probation officers to keep tabs on at-risk youth that are interested in sports. In an effort to help kids, he volunteers at the Salinas Juvenile Hall, reading to kids and motivating them to lead healthier lifestyles.


Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, the MCC had over 200 members, playing on eight different recreational and competitive teams, participating and training at David Cutino Park in Seaside, California. Despite the pandemic, the Condors continue to have a major impact on the local district and regional area. Currently, over 80, boys and girls are participating on the competitive Spring 2021 soccer season. 

“Placement” is also not an issue, as we recognized that some members tend to be more advanced in skill than others. As a result, we have multiple levels of participation, including recreational soccer for four and five-year-old boys and girls, leading all the way up to recreational and competitive soccer for high school-aged members. We are proud to be able to serve such a broad spectrum of kids in our communities. As we stated before, the majority of our members come from predominantly Latino backgrounds, approximately 85% and a large portion of this percentage are low-income, with jobs centered in agriculture, hospitality, construction, landscaping, and the service industry.

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oUR programs 

Our recreational and competitive programs do not place restrictions on kids with academic, social, or legal issues. In fact, we welcome these kids, as we believe our programs, through soccer, help engage kids and lead them towards more positive paths. Maintaining solid academic standing is highly encouraged, and those struggling with school can receive help, either directly through the Condors or through local school districts.  Financial scholarships and assistance are available to families in such need. 

Mark Cisneros

Director of coaching

Graduated from CSU Fullerton with a BA in English and from CSU Los Angeles with a Master’s Degree in English. Cisneros plays an important role in defining and monitoring the coaching sessions and players’ development. Cisneros regularly evaluates coaches to ensure they are leading sessions effectively. 

Marco Pulido

Founder & Executive Officer 

Graduated from Hartnell Community College with an AA in Business Administration and from CSU Monterey Bay with a BA in Business Administration with a concentration in Accounting. Pulido is responsible for the internal operations of the club from hiring new staff to run financial reports.

Rogelio Santiago


 Graduated from Taft Community College with an AA in Psychology and from CSU Monterey Bay with a BA in Psychology. Now, Santiago is persuading his Masters of Arts in Sport Psychology at John F. Kennedy University. At Monterey Condors Club Rogelio works with the DOC to implement the youth development for all the members in the recreational and competitive program.

Mario Bertolucci


Experience in public accounting for over 13 years, encompassing all phases of integrated and financial statements audits of U.S. public and private companies including non-profit organizations. Bertolucci’s roles in the organization are to provide financial aid for the underserved youth and oversee the soccer programs.