Coaches plan and supervise training sessions to develop general fitness and specific soccer skills. They may manage a team of coaches who focus on specific areas, such as defensive or offensive play, or goalkeeping. During training sessions, they practice tactics for specific plays such as free kicks or corner kicks.

The D Course facilitates the improvement of the candidates in the Six Tasks of a Coach across all four game models (4v4, 7v7, 9v9, 11v11) with an emphasis on Coaching Training Sessions.

In order to register for the U.S. Soccer D course, all candidates must meet the following pre-requisites provided:

Introduction to Grassroots Module
Two in-person Grassroots courses (one must be 11v11 and the other one can be 9v9, 7v7, or 4v4)
One online Grassroots course across any of the four levels (11v11, 9v9, 7v7, 4v4)
If you previously earned a USSF F, USSF E, or both:

USSF E + USSF F + Introduction to Grassroots Module
USSF F + Introduction to Grassroots Module + 11v11 Grassroots in-person course + one other in-person Grassroots course
Course Structure
The D course consists of two-course meetings separated by a development period. The total course duration is approximately 2 months.

Course Meeting 1
Three days on-site with a full group

Development Period
6-8 weeks in a home environment with assignments and mentoring

Course Meeting 2
Two days on-site with a full group

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