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The main focus is supporting the youth in achieving their goals with sports and promoting them to higher education. There is more happening on the field than kids playing soccer, athletes in Monterey Condors Club (MCC) are supportive, inclusive, and socially engaging in a team environment with good sportsmanship and dedication. The value that MCC is bringing to the youth is like none other, gathering a large and diverse group of all profiles, origin, age, gender, and competitive level, empowering the recreational and competitive soccer program for underserved population and students at greater risk of dropping out from Middle School and High School.

Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, the MCC had over 200 members, playing on eight different recreational and competitive teams, participating and training at David Cutino Park in Seaside, California. Despite the pandemic, the Condors continue to have a major impact on the local district and regional area. Currently, over 80, boys and girls are registered for the competitive soccer program that competes in NorCal Premier from District 2. The other kids are registered in our recreational programs. 

The majority of our members are Latino, 18 percent being female who compete at competition level. We are currently placing special interest in recruiting LGBTQIA, children with special needs, and foster care youth.

Our recreational and competitive programs do not place restrictions on kids with academic, social, or legal issues. In fact, we welcome these kids, as we believe our programs, through soccer, help engage kids and lead them towards more positive paths. Maintaining solid academic standing is highly encouraged, and those struggling with school can receive help, either directly through the Condors or through local school districts.  Financial scholarships and assistance are available to families in such need. 

Placement is also not an issue, as we recognized that some members tend to be more advanced in skill than others. As a result, we have multiple levels of participation, including recreational soccer for four and five-year-old boys and girls, leading all the way up to recreational and competitive soccer for high school-aged members. These teams accommodate the LGBTQIA community, as well as kids with physical and learning disabilities. We are proud to be able to serve such a broad spectrum of kids in our communities. As we stated before, the majority of our members come from predominantly Latino backgrounds, approximately 85% and a large portion of this percentage are low-income, with jobs centered in agriculture, hospitality, construction, landscaping, and the service industry. 

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